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ST&P is a modular platform composed of a set of specialized components, that are perfectly integrated with each other. Through a centralized dashboard it is able to provide an overview of liquidity and securities positions, and details of related transactions.

Different types of Auction are also managed.
It has been designed to be MultiBank, MultiCurrency, MultiLanguage, MultiChannel, MultiCSD, MultiAccount.

It can be easily integrated with Banking Applications, acquires and processes operations coming from different Systems in real time, managing entire life cycle of each transaction in corresponding application area.

Each Module is able to manage different format of messages, extrapolating only information that are necessary for application’s working. This allows only a specific modifications in case of changes or evolutions of communication protocols, keeping Core Business of application unaltered.

A particular feature of our Front-End is an high degree of usability with the consequent ease of use of available functions. Access to functions can be configured dynamically, based on specific operations for each individual User or group of Users.

An alert system in order to highlight any critical situations.

An internal tracking system is provided for both financial transactions processed and User’s operations.

Display of “technical” data is provided, with the aim of providing information to facilitate any checks, such as date/time and identification of received messages.


ST&P – Liquidity Management component allows a centralized monitoring of liquidity position in a single point and in real time, providing all information related to its evolution during the business day.

It manages all accounts expected by Vision 2020 (Main Cash Account, RTGS, TIPS, Target2 Securities) and Corresponding Accounts in foreign currency.

  • It ensures compliance with requirements of Vision 2020, as it provides a multi-level architecture:
    • Centralized liquidity vision (Central Liquidity Management)
    • Settlement System
    • Single Dedicated Cash Account / Securities Account of each Settlement System.
  • It processes payments instructions in real time and manage their entire life cycle, from forecast information to settlement. Through Investigation functions it is possible to visualize single payment instruction, specifying particular selective criteria.
  • It autonomously calculates liquidity positions, providing for reconciliation with balances of different Accounts held by Central Systems.
  • It manages an internal queue for controlled release of messages related to different types of payment, for RTGS, Correspondent and EBA channels.
    It holds messages in queue if they do not meet specific, dynamically defined requirements. Blocked payments can be released automatically when specific conditions occur, or in manual mode.
  • It provides an instrument that can determine forecast of liquidity needs for following business days.
  • It manages information related to Collateral, providing global and detailed position of each Security, related to Main Cash Account and Target2 Securities Account for collateral ON STOCK and ON FLOW.
  • It owns an advanced forecast management tool that is able to:
    • acquire forecast information from different Banking Applications
    • reconcile automatically forecast provisions with payment messages, using algorithms based on flexible rules, defined according to forecast and payments characteristics
    • manually check any unreconciled forecast.
  • It allows control on CLM Minimum Reserve, considering balances of different Accounts opened by Bank in CLM (Central Liquidity Management) area.
  • It analyzes historical data related to TIPS payments, to make liquidity management on TIPS accounts more efficient.
  • It stores all necessary information in order to:
    • build graphs and statistics in a dynamic way
    • provide useful information for risk management applications (Basel III indicators).
  • It allows creation and management of liquidity transfers, interbank payments and standing facilities.

By managing a single platform, integration with other ST&P modules is provided by sharing forecast information related to other different systems.