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ST&P is a modular platform composed of a set of specialized components, that are perfectly integrated with each other. Through a centralized dashboard it is able to provide an overview of liquidity and securities positions, and details of related transactions.

Different types of Auction are also managed.
It has been designed to be MultiBank, MultiCurrency, MultiLanguage, MultiChannel, MultiCSD, MultiAccount.

It can be easily integrated with Banking Applications, acquires and processes operations coming from different Systems in real time, managing entire life cycle of each transaction in corresponding application area.

Each Module is able to manage different format of messages, extrapolating only information that are necessary for application’s working. This allows only a specific modifications in case of changes or evolutions of communication protocols, keeping Core Business of application unaltered.

A particular feature of our Front-End is an high degree of usability with the consequent ease of use of available functions. Access to functions can be configured dynamically, based on specific operations for each individual User or group of Users.

An alert system in order to highlight any critical situations.

An internal tracking system is provided for both financial transactions processed and User’s operations.

Display of “technical” data is provided, with the aim of providing information to facilitate any checks, such as date/time and identification of received messages.


ST&P – Securities  Management component manages Securities position, related to all Securities Accounts in different CSDs.
This is therefore management of “securities leg” of settlement instructions, closely linked to “cash leg” managed within the single platform in ST&P – Liquidity Management module.

  • It manages Credit Memorandum Balance (CMB) that allow to define connections between a Dedicated Cash Account and related Securities Accounts.
  • It processes settlement instructions in real time and manages their entire life cycle, from forecast information to settlement. Through Investigation functions it is possible to visualize single securities instructions, specifying particular selective criteria.
  • It provides the updated real-time position of each Security (Face Amount / Quantity) in each Securities Account, obtained by taking into account, in addition to Settlement Instructions, also information related to status progress and settlement, allowing a constant and accurate updating of  Securities balances.
  • It provides summary frameworks that subdivide operations into different status in their life cycle, from unmatched state, to different intermediate pending status, to total or partial settlement status.
  • It manages Reverse Collateralization operations automatically generated by Central Bank, and allows their release within specific cut-off.
  • It manages Sub-Positions (Restrictions) provided by T2S (Available, Earmarking for Collateral, Earmarked, Collateralized, COSD, Reserved, Blocked):
    • for each Securities Account provides the subdivision in different sub-positions with related Securities
    • for each Sub-Position provides the presence of Securities in different Securities Accounts.
  • it increases ease on management of Allegement messages, allowing to identify which of its instructions sent and still in an unmatched state, are related to specific allegement.